Upcoming changes to VALMET commuter traffic


For order traffic between Pori – Luvia – Eurajoki – Rauma – Uusikaupunki (Valmet Automotive Oy) travels to facilitate both 10-way serial and 30-day season ticket. The cards will be available on 16.10.2017.

Card prices are:

Pori: € 52 10-way card / € 170 season ticket

Luvia: € 43 10-way card / € 140 season ticket

Eurajoki: € 33 10-way card / € 110 season ticket

Rauma: 24 € 10-way card / 80 € season ticket


– For each customer, tickets are sold at Porin Linjat Oy at the ticket office in Porina.

– In addition to the sales price, Porin Linjat Oy will charge a card fee of € 7 for each card at first loading.

– The manual filled customer lists inside the bus will be deactivated and replaced with new travel cards by the beginning of November.

– The deadline for obtaining a card is by the end of October. After that, bus trip to Valmet can be done only by using these card products. The travel card have to be stamped each time customer rises to bus.

– In order to verify the right of access, the ticket control machine informs the driver with the ”VALMET” text when stamped.

– Tickets are only used for VALMET commuting. Transportation is only for VALMET employees. The ticket sales point verifies the right to travel on commuter traffic.

– Tickets are not valid for any other open public transport.

– Once bought from customer service, tickets can be loaded online at http://lippu.porinlinjat.fi (the first download must be made for both products at the ticket office in Porina Service Center, Yrjönkatu 6B PORI)
– The purchase price of a commuter ticket is not subsequently charged anymore. The ticket have to be always purchased in advance from Porin Linjat Oy.

– The residents of the rest areas (Luvia, Eurajoki, Rauma) will be sent home by post. A bill for paying the card is included. Orders can be made by email to lipputoimisto@porinlinjat.pori.fi. When ordering, please indicate the type of the product, from where you travel, and where the card and invoice will be delivered. Of course, the card can be redeemed from Porina if you wish so.

– Additional loading of card inside the bus is also possible. The driver does not sell new cards but an additional trip loading on the card is possible (10-way or seasonal ticket). Only cash is accepted when loading the card inside the bus.